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Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to Mommy's Group!

No, you didn’t miss anything; I do not have any children. Sometimes, though, it feels as though I would fit in better with the Partner’s Group here if I did! The group is supposed to be a support system for all the partners who have traveled to Chicago to be with their students for 2 (sometimes 3) years while they’re in school. However, it feels more like a group for moms and people who don’t work (a lot of international partners are unable to get work visas here) than a group for male partners or working girls!

This issue is something that has really been bothering me and a lot of the other women I’ve become friends with here. So, we are planning a (hopefully) not-so-hostile takeover. The chair positions are being given out this week, and we are staging a coup! Now, I am not saying that I don’t like children; I LOVE kids. They’re great! And I definitely feel as though the international contingent needs a lot of support when making such a major life change. But there is a big group of partners here who do not have children and have to go to work every day to support our new single income lives. Having events start at 5:15pm on a Friday (I get out of work at 5pm and can’t get anywhere until at least 6pm!) or called “Make your own Sundae” either just don’t work or don’t appeal to the working/no kids set. (The latest Evite for Partner Group? “Not Your Grandmother’s Meatloaf.” Yes. They want us to all go to someone’s apartment and make meatloaf. Seriously??)

Now, despite all the negativity, the Partner Group has been useful for me. I joined over the summer, and while all the students were at some 3 day orientation in Wisconsin, the group set up a lot of events to keep us busy and introduce us to the city – and to each other! Because of those first few events (some of the only ones I’ve been to, I have to say), I’ve made so many great friends here. We basically created our own partner group of non-mommy working women. Just yesterday, we all went to brunch downtown, and I’m planning a super bowl party for the girls and our partners ;).

So, wish us luck in our takeover bid!! I’m going for Wine Club co-chair ;). One thing these non-mommies like to do? Drink :).

Update: Cam’s interviews last week went well…well, one did, at least. He should be hearing about both very soon. Two more this week! Fingers crossed!!!


  1. My apologies in advance for placing a comment on a post that has zero to do with said post. I've just looked at your profile and discovered that (*gasp*) there is someone else in the MBA blogosphere who is in insurance! And your description of days/nights is oh-so-accurate...anyway, glad to see your hubby's efforts were successful and he's at Booth! Your blog is a fun read :o)

  2. Isn't insurance such a joy?? Hehe. This is definitely a 2 year stint while Cam is at Booth, and then I will leave the insurance world for good!! Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog, as well! :)