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Friday, January 15, 2010

I would just like to say that being the wife of a business school applicant isn’t easy. I imagine it’s somewhat akin to being the mother of a college applicant. Every rejection hurts you as much as it hurts them. Every hour he has to wait is as painful for you as it is for him. Every person who gets in when he doesn’t or hasn’t heard yet….you want to punch in the face! Wait…is that how mothers feel?

The first rejection wasn’t so bad. He wasn’t really expecting to get in, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go there, anyway. He got put on the waiting list at the second school, and that was worse. I think he would have gone there had he gotten in, so that one hurt a bit. The day finally came when our last hope was going to either be realized or dashed. It was a rough day.

One of the guys Cam worked with was also applying to business school, and had, of course, applied to all the same places he applied to. Awesome. He also didn’t get into the first schools, though, so we weren’t yet feeling too bad about the competition. However, the day came that the offers were going to be released for our last hope school, and Cam’s friend, Bill, got the call at work early that morning(9:30am): he was IN. We followed “the forum.” People were getting the calls left and right all day. My stomach hurt, my eyes were blurry, I started practicing my, “Well, you didn’t really want to go, anyway!” speech. 11:30am….1:30pm…..3:00pm….nothing, nothing, and NOTHING. My sister emailed me, “Well?? Anything?” My mom wrote, “I’m feeling sick. I think I’ll die if he doesn’t get in.” My co-workers, who were already bitter that we were leaving Boston because of stupid business school asked, “Has he heard yet? Anything new?” “The forum” always said people were called randomly all throughout business hours…which meant until 6pm, as the school was on Central Time. 4:30pm….4:45pm….Cam calls me. He was IN. With a huge fellowship to boot. Thank God.


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