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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

God Grant Me the Strength....

I basically screamed at my husband this morning for not using a tissue. I don’t know….maybe it was the fact that our puppy woke up at 3am ready to go, or that Roddick had a disappointing loss last night, or that the bathtub drain I had JUST unclogged seemed to be worse than before, but his sniffling in my space was just about the last straw. “Use a tissue!!!!”

Did I mention he was up early because he had two interviews this morning? Whoops.

I know, I know – not very supportive, right? Well, let me tell you, it is freaking exhausting to be supportive 24/7. Exhausting. Especially when half the time, I feel as though he has reverted back to his 15 year old self. Except that now he’s treating me like his mom, not his girlfriend (yes, we’ve been together a loooong time).

Me: “How was your interview today??”

Cam: “It was okay.”

I raise my eyebrows in that “aaaand” kind of way.

Cam: “I think it was fine.” Shoulder shrug.

Ooooh, the interview you’ve been stressing about for 2 weeks is over, and all you can say is that it was “okay?” It took everything in me not to reach across the table and smack him! Just like with applying to business school, all of this is stressful to ME, too! Except that I’m not IN the interview; I have to wait and wait and wait to hear what HE has to tell me about it. So I wait and wait and stress and stress, and all I get is an “okay” or “he was old.” “He was old?!” Ugh. As I said, it’s exhausting to be supportive. Especially when half the time, I feel like I’m the one who needs all the support!

At any rate, interviews are done for now, so now we just have to wait. He had two more today (one for a class next term, not an internship), and they went well, as far as I can gather. As far as waiting goes? According to Cam, “it’s okay.”

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  1. It would likely help if I read posts in order... yes, being supportive can be stressful too! I don't know about you, but I can also get testy with lack of sleep. I'll say things, and 10 minutes later apologize as the tone was unintentional. Happy to hear about the good news since!