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Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Fretting

I don’t know if it’s the fact that it won’t stop snowing (I thought Chicago was supposed to be less snowy than Boston??) or that the Olympics have kept us up past our bedtime for too many nights in a row, but Cam and I seem to be feeling a tad overwhelmed lately. Partner’s Group, classes, Admit Weekend, Walter, internship choices, vacation planning (I know – boo hoo us), summer housing…everything seems to need our attention now, and everyone seems to need something from us.

Cam went to New York City last week for JP Morgan’s “sell day,” even though because it had been postponed due to inclement weather, he’d already had to accept the offer the week before. So this was a “man, I hope you don’t hate this!” kind of trip. Thankfully, he didn’t hate it :). In fact, there were only a few people there whom he wanted to ask “what their deal was,” which is pretty good for Cam. While the trip was good, it was a whirlwind of flying, eating, drinking, networking, listening to panels, and trying to remember everyone’s names and positions. He came back tired and with a cold (that he so nicely shared with me). He also came back with more “to dos” related to this summer: try and secure a Boston office rotation, find a NYC summer sublet (preferably for not much over the $1,500 housing allowance?!), figure out how we’re going to get Walter to and from Connecticut, and plan some business school-worthy vacation for post-internship August. [Side note: I was looking over Cam’s shoulder while he was on the computer last night, and he had craigslist up and was looking at NYC sublets. The one he was looking at was for 6 months starting in June. Me: “So, a little change of plans, dear?” He closed it ;).]

So, all of this future stuff is taking up a lot of our brain space, but we need all that space for what’s going on in the present! Poor Walter was neutered last week, which took up a lot of time and emotional energy (I know, I know, all dogs get neutered – but MY dog doesn’t always get neutered! It was very sad to see him hurting and pathetic!), Cam’s class load seems to be a lot more strenuous this term, and I seem to have become a bit more entrenched in Partner’s Group than I bargained for…

I won our little election to be the leader of the group, and I’ve since been getting 50 emails a day reminding me of that fact. I’m copied on everything, and everyone seems to need my opinion before they can make even the tiniest of decisions. Hm. What have I gotten myself into? I am also helping out with the Partner’s Program for next weekend’s Admit Weekend. Basically, this entails getting bossed around by the Admissions Office via my friend and her husband (both of whom I love dearly!). Last year’s program (which I did not attend) was awful according to everyone here, but Admissions is very “concerned” about all of our changes and wants to make sure we are closely monitoring the answers of our panelists. What’s the point of having a panel if they can’t say what they want? Tonight’s meeting should be interesting.

On another note, my friend is hosting a “Back to Undergrad” party this weekend, complete with Keystone Light, jello shots, pizza and plenty of Nelly and Outkast. Let’s hope we can make it until then.


  1. according to my bf, Day at Kellogg's partner track was pretty fun! he might have met more ppl than I did... a little friendly competition here, heehee

  2. haha! that's our goal - make it fun!! if he has any advice for me, i'm all ears :)

  3. It is always interesting when anyone wants to "monitor" what is said. My thought is, the only monitoring should be done during the selection process. After that, you want real people with real answers. Unfortunately, those answers aren't always rosy. Best of luck!!