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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Okay, so it’s been awhile, I know. I could make excuses (I had bronchitis for over a month, this past weekend was the first weekend I was in Chicago in 4 weeks, I have been busy planning my summer, I haven’t felt like blogging….), but let’s just pretend this hiatus never happened and start over ;).

So what’s been going on in the life of business school partners at Booth? Well, we’ve all been preparing for the summer. Most students have their internships lined up (big hugs for those who don’t), and this means big (albeit temporary) changes for most of us. As I might have (grudgingly) mentioned, I have a job here in Chicago and just can’t pick up and take 10 weeks off in the middle of the summer. What does that mean? It means Cam will be living the bachelor life in NYC, Henry is off to puppy summer camp with Cam’s mom in Connecticut, and I’ll be a swinging (okay, couch lounging quasi-wino) single in hot Chicago.

The prospect of spending the summer alone here elicits varied feelings from those of us being left. Some are panicking, some are (secretly) relieved, some are sad, and some, like me, feel a mixture of all the above. Cam and I have probably done the whole long-distance thing a lot more than most people our age. Cam was a camp counselor in Maine during our first summer together, we went to different colleges and studied abroad in different countries, Cam’s first year as a management consultant had him traveling to the exciting destination of York, Pennsylvania four days a week for the whole year, and when we lived in Australia, we moved to Sydney only to have Cam’s job be moved to Melbourne for most of the six months we were there. Does this mean I like living in a different city from my husband? Absolutely not. Going to bed alone, having no one to say goodbye to in the morning, eating dinner by myself….not fun. However, I’m choosing, for now (ask me again in a few weeks when Cam is packing and I’m getting Henry ready for a summer away from home), to focus on the positives: I won’t have to cook dinner every night; I’ll be able to go out in the city without having to rush home to Henry; the apartment might actually stay clean for longer than 5 hours; I’ll be able to sleep until my alarm without Henry waking me up; I’ll be able to exercise again with all of my extra time. Those are good things, right? Not to mention all the wine I’ll be drinking with my other abandoned friends during the week ;).

I also have plans almost EVERY weekend to either see Cam and Henry or have visitors here, so the 10 weeks is going to fly by. And at the end? Our trip to Europe! The light at the end of the long separated summer tunnel.

I will say that one thing I’ve learned through all of our forced separations is that it’s a shame to wish your summer or your week or your life away. I wait ALL winter for summer to come, and even though this situation is far from ideal, these are 10 weeks I’m not getting back! I’m sure there will be days when I’ll want to scream “End, you damn summer, end!” But…. I’m going to try not to do that. It’s summer! I say, go outside, have a margarita, meet some friends, and toast the husbands who are far away trying to better themselves for the good of our futures.


  1. Nice, so it's like you're not away for like a couple of days. Good luck on your everyday journey and I hope you can fine more time to share more of you. My Business School Entrepreneurship team likes this so much!

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